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House N2 Home

Creating homes where people can thrive

House N2 Home has furnished over 500 homes!  

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We have worked with many clients over the years, from young adults to single parents and small families. Each family with their unique needs and their unique situations. Not only do we furnish the homes or apartments, but we leave the clients with food in the fridge and sweet sentiments for a bright future!


  • Received our 501(c)3 status April 15, 2021

  • Accomplished 222 moves for 469 clients - up 82% over prior year

  • Partnered with community members to furnish 70 apartments for Avalon Housing’s new Hickory Way complex

  • Completely furnished a 3-story,10 bedroom, kitchen, living room, and library (complete with books) for Our House 

  • Continued to engage 75 Active volunteers, 36 new in 2021

  • Contributed 11,196 volunteer hours - up 92% over prior year

  • Received a generously gifted second sprinter van for use in picking up and delivering furniture 

  • Strengthened our relationships with case managers from 16 partner organizations across Washtenaw County

  • Received household donations from 570 people  - up 168% over prior year

  • Signed a five year lease with St Joseph Mercy Hospital for $1 a year for our storage facility

See a sample of our work below!